Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, New Challenges

It's crazy to realize that more than six months have passed since I began this blog and have only gotten ONE post done. That's half a year!! So many events have happened during that time - my fibromyalgia progressed rapidly, my mother had a heart attack; and between just those two life-changers, I gave up my full-time job where I've been employed the last 11 years.

I still have my booth at Good Old Days Antiques & More in Rosebud, MO; which carries mostly scrapbook supplies. I'd like to build up the selection and possibly have an online offering. I have lots of ideas of how I'd like to grow Memory Lane Treasures and I plan to share those ideas with you - my friends, followers and customers - in hopes that you'll share your comments and suggestions. The challenge will be to stay focused, build on my strengths and not get off on too many tangents!

Since photos play such a monumental role in our lives and scrapbooking, I came across a "Photo-A-Day Challenge" hosted by The Idea Room. I've decided to participate in the challenge, but not get bent out of shape if I miss a day, or two... or several. This will help me to capture more of the every day moments and should provide for some great scrapbooking ideas! Maybe it's something you'd like to try?

The word for January 1 is "Goal," so here's my first photo. Like so many others, one of my goals for 2014 is to exercise. Yoga is supposed to be great for fibromyalgia; however, we'll have to see if I'm able to do some serious dancing with Shaun T's workouts without them killing me. I love to dance, so it won't feel like exercise to me!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Welcome New Customers & Fans!

Hi everyone! I'm so excited about this new venture! Some of you may know this, but I used to have a small scrapbook store in Cuba, MO a few years ago. Unfortunately, I opened it right before the economy took a turn for the worse. With several changes, I was able to keep it afloat for about 3 years; and I have to say it was the most FUN 3 years of my life! I had always wanted to own my own store and for a short time, I was able to live that dream. I loved every single aspect of it, even though I worked a full-time job and worked many, many hours a week between the two. Since I still have some store fixtures and merchandise, I decided to rent a room in a new store that was opening in Rosebud, MO called Good Old Days Antiques & More and sell scrapbook and craft supplies, finished craft items, new and gently used home decor and some vintage items. A wonderful couple, Jim and Doris Curtis, are running the new store and they have many, many years of successful entrepreneurship behind them. I hope to fill a small niche in the local area and begin scrapbooking and cardmaking classes.

This blog will be my journey down another exciting chapter in my life, so stay tuned and come along for the ride! I love connecting with people and making new friends!